I have found creation to be a mysterious process, in which predetermined images have no place! Reason is often a blocker in my work and I have to empty myself of the inclination to illustrate. The best work comes through an open space into which can flow the heart, the humour, the soul, and, what Sydney Poitier calls “my personal resume”.

The work is clearly about my personal values, seasoned as they are by the experiences of a lifetime. It is an ongoing quest to find the means of expression- colour language, exploration of technique and dimension. I am simply on a journey and my work is the visualization of that passage.


Living and working in Jamaica, PJ Steward is a painter and theatrical set designer.

Though of English parents, PJ was raised in East Africa. The daughter of a farmer, she grew amongst the landscapes of Kenya where undoubtedly her empathy for nature took root. Later she relocated to England where she studied and held a lectureship in a leading London school of art.

On a trip to Jamaica, the artist fell in love with the country, its energy; immediacy and talent. All other plans were shelved! And thus, the Caribbean land has become the home of her family, a place of endless opportunity and her inspiration.


P.J. Stewart